London Day 2

Note to self. Don’t stay up until 2am working on the blog. It’s too hard to get up the next morning.
Today was mostly dedicated to some shopping, not that we bought much. The Tube navigation app didn’t know that trains to one station weren’t stopping at the station at which we needed to change lines (due to the ever present construction for ‘improvements’, closing that station interchange for six months) , so we had to do some backtracking. Only to discover that Google Maps took us to exactly the street name/address we told it to; it was the right street name, just the wrong postal code. So…. Back on the Tube again.

I noticed that with the UK launch of Apple Pay, it will be accepted in the Underground. Not that this does me any good, as I’m on that ‘other’ platform for phones, but it is indicative of the continued slow erosion of physical money as a payment medium.

Another stop on New Bond Street for some comparison shopping at Hermes. London prices are higher than their equivalent products in Paris, so, assuming we can find what we’re looking for (questionable assumption), it’s better to buy at The Mothership. Check off another stop on the HWT.
(insert small happy dance here)

On our way down Brompton Road to Harrods, we passed a store selling kitchen equipment (several stores, actually). In case you need a double La Cornue oven, I know of a place where you can get one for 41,706£ (~$64,227) shipping and installation extra (but you get your VAT back if shipped out of the Uk) .

Late in the afternoon, we stopped at Harrods to look for something (didn’t have it!) . Not sure why we go. I don’t think we’ve bought anything there in the last few trips. They’ve reorganized the store a little since it was sold.
The only worthwhile thing there was a stop at the Laduree department. They only sell the small macaroons here, so we (almost) guilty had a couple of the small macaroons each. I’m sure we’ll make a few stops at Laduree in Paris.

Harrods Food Halls

Photos on Flickr.

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