London Day 2 1/2

Changing hotels this morning, which means carrying bags up and down stairs inside the Tube stations. But only one station and line one change and a ten minute walk.

The weather is warming up to about 74 degrees and an almost cloudless day. I’m grateful to be able to shed my sweater.

What a nice change in hotels! While the first two nights were fine (they were completely free), the next two are in a much nicer hotel where I have top tier status. Greeted at the front desk and thanked as being a Globalist , then ushered up to the club level where the concierge checks us in. The room isn’t ready (expected) , but we can wait in the lounge (they have two) while we wait. It’s cool and quiet, nice since it has warmed up from yesterday. After five minutes, the concierge brought us our keys and informed us he’d already arranged the luggage! And the WiFi here works….

This wasn’t intended to be a sightseeing day to a particular venue, just browsing. Mid afternoon, we took the Tube to Covent Garden. This time of day, the Tube looks like this.

But at 5, it’s more like sardines in a Tube. At 4:30-5, people are streaming out of office buildings.

Covent Garden

The Apple Store at Covent Garden was predictably busy, but we just looked at models of the Apple Watch.

Outside in the square there’s a juggler attracting a crowd. No mimes on the way into Covent Garden, but it’s mid-week, they’ll be here on the weekend with the crowds. It seems like it must be spring break, as we’re seeing a lot of what should be school children and groups of them.

We’d intended to go the Sky Bar on Fenchurch Street, from the Bank Tube Station. The Bank of England is just down the street, but some interesting sights on the street.

Change Alley

Sky Garden and Sky Pod Bar

Well, not today. There’s a private event- the street is closed off a block away, with barricades and police. Not a security event, fortunately. If you work in the building you can leave, but no one is going in.

Back we go then. Hoping to get to the club lounge for afternoon snacks (dinner for us).

The Royal wave, until next time.

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