Le Fin de Voyage

The end of this trip has come. We’ll leave the city this afternoon to check in at an airport hotel for tomorrow’s flight.

Today is a religious holiday in France, and most of the luxury jewelry stores that line rue de la Paix are closed today. Restaurants and one of the large department stores are open, but this makes street traffic very light indeed.

Cartier was open, but this will not be on the customs declaration form.

Lindt was more my budget.

During our 19 days, we walked some 142,000 steps (~74 miles) , visited three new cities (Helsinki, Copenhagen, Hamburg) and two new countries (Finland and Denmark).

One thing you can’t escape is the news on BBC, CNN, Twitter. about North Korea, Charlottesville and Trump’s abysmal leadership.

We’ll take the Roissybus (€12 person, one-way) from Opera to CDG Airport and then take a hotel shuttle to the hotel for the night. Over the years, we’ve taken the Air France bus (don’t have to fly Air France to take the bus), Roissybus, Super Shuttle and the RER to the airport. For where we usually stay, Roissybus is cheap and convenient. For one person, Roissybus is €12 and Uber is €37. So it takes about three people to break even in cost. Roissybus will drop you off at Terminal 1 or 2.

As we ride thru other sections of Paris, we notice that most small shops are closed, even many pharmacies (very different than in US). We shopped Sephora for something, but hesitated to pay €30 for it. We found what we needed at a pharmacy around the corner for 1/3rd the price.

After arriving at Terminal 2 , we have to navigate upstairs to catch the hotel shuttle to drive back to the hotel. The line at Tax Back was long. Our turn tomorrow, but hope it’s not as long a line.

Where should we travel next?

Can we go home for a couple of days and come back?

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