Weird Security

I wasn’t able to get my boarding pass online last night, which was a little bothersome. But when I did get it from the kiosk at CDG, it had the dreaded SSSS. Goody! Fortunately, I didn’t get the full treatment.

Usually when you check in at the airport, they ask security questions like: did you pack the bag yourself, did anyone give you anything to carry. Not today.

Weirdest questions:

  • What was your favorite sight?
  • What did you see there?
  • How did you get there?
  • What (Metro) lines did you take and what stops did you use?
  • What do you do in leisure time?
  • Your favorite music?
  • What kind of music is that? Favorite artists?

About that time I asked: What is the purpose of these questions? No answer.

Can’t imagine this actually builds a profile of a traveler that determines whether they’ll let you through.

But I did get through the 64 questions at check-in. Really (more) annoying than usual.

Baggage screening was a non-event fortunately.

Now we’re off to find the lounge and our gate(s), since we’re not traveling together.

The SSSS part came at the gate where me and a half dozen others went down the entrance to be “swabbed down”. Fortunately, I didn’t have to unpack my bag. The agent asked if I have any electronics? LOL.

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