Faire du Shopping (Franglais)

Sometimes – Lèche-vitrine – Window shopping , but literally translated, “licking the windows”. Actually buying something: Faire des achats (make a purchase)


A little something from Bvlgari perhaps?

Cappella de Assomption built 1622. Now dedicated to Pope John Paul, located along rue Faubourg Saint-Honore


Where Place Vendôme is home to many ultra high end jewelers (Patek Philippe, Chaumet, Van Clef & Arpels, Boucheron, Blancpain, Piaget, Chanel) the buildings that ring the central column of Napoleon, rue Faubourg Saint-Honore is the street of fashion. A little stop along the way at Longchamp, but the real destination is what I call “The Mothership“, Hermès main store, where dreams of Kellys and Birkins are sometimes fulfilled, but often dashed. The scarf counter is not overly busy, not even more than one deep. The line for purses is another matter, with more than thirty people in line.


Just because you see something on the shelf you want, doesn’t mean they’ll sell it (to you) even if they have it in stock. Give the assistant your desired bag style, color, leather type and options, and they may tell you immediately they don’t have it, or they may come back with a large orange box and ask you to follow them to a private room so that the other customers don’t get the wrong idea (that there might be hope for them too). Today we’re shopping for small leather goods, not shooting for the stars, but even so, selection of colors and leather is limited.

Meanwhile, people watching is a worthwhile pastime. The clientele is broad. A lot of Asian, some very young (where exactly do you get the money for a purse that costs four-five figures, or more?) and a lot of middle aged folks; mostly women, some men on their own and not watching part of their fortunes disappear with their spouse’s excitement over their newest acquisition.

But there’s “free” Wi-Fi (but only if you Lèche-vitrine).😉

Next door, at Bread & Roses, we’ll recuperate from “La doloreuese” (lit. “the painful one”, the bill).


Le Village Royale – une passage near Hermès and across the street from Bread and Roses.


A must stop, though we’re buying fewer macarons now that they are €5.20 each ($5.50).


Another luxury maker of handbags and luggage.


While it was a bit overcast today, that brought a welcome relief in temperatures.
Still, the gelato looked good.


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