CDG, le Depart

Rainy day here. Early shuttle bus departure from hotel.
On arrival at the airport, Detaxe is our first stop. Need those few Euros back!

Ticketing and security go reasonably quickly. Passport control is a bit slow, but eventually get thru. Now, “porte” L, gate 49. Yup, I can see the end of the terminal from here and by the time we’ve slogged our handluggage to the gate, we’ve walked something over a mile through the airport.

Good thing I already have my ticket!


Windows at work. No tickets for you today.

Actually, once you get this far, it’s not bad. There are computers for use (that don’t have a BSOD), shopping (like I need that). But mostly, now that we’re here, just ready to get on the plane.

So what do you watch or listen to when you’re on a long flight!? I am a real fan of Plex. Before we left, I synced up some episodes of TV shows and a movie. On the flight over to Paris, I made it through the TV episodes I synced before we left. Then while in Paris, I deleted those TV episodes and added the next group. To sync, obviously you need to have a connection to your Plex server. I wish that the program would let me delete watched episodes without an Internet connection, but you have to wait until you do have a connection. I suspect, with out reading through the Plex forums, that the server needs to keep track of which devices have synced different media.

On the flight back, I got through six episodes of “Murdoch Mysteries”, a Canadian TV series, and X-Men First Class. I also have a limited number of (audio) podcasts loaded on my phone and use Beyond Pod (Android).

I use Bose Noise Cancelling ear buds ( Quiet Comfort 20) on the plane. While they were expensive when I bought them, they do an excellent job of cutting out a lot of the noise from the plane, as well as the crying baby on the row across from me. The ear buds probably do not block as much noise as the over or on-ear noise cancelling headphones, but this is one thing that due to its size, I always have room to carry–not so the other models.

Global Entry made getting in thru customs and Immigration a breeze. Waiting for the luggage to arrive took much longer!

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