80 Gig mobile data on a cell phone?!

It’s a good thing I have an unlimited data plan for my cell phone. It’s not like I’m trying to use lots of data. It seems to be the consequence of mostly one app, Plex, which I use to stream (mostly) mp3 music when away from my home network.

While this is the most data I ever remember using in a month, it’s not like I was trying to see how far I could push my usage. I looked at the applications using data, and the guilty party was Plex which used 71gig out of the total 80. I had similar concerns with the large data usage of Plex when using it on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The bulk of the data usage is background data, so I’m not even actively using the app and it’s racking up data usage that would bankrupt me if I didn’t have the unlimited plan I do.


Surprisingly, my carrier reports that I use less data than my phone does, by 27%, but this still means I used 58.4 gig.

Even the WiFi usage, which measures at 230 gig shows Plex dominating usage at 234 gig.

I may try to limit background data in the Plex app to see how that affect the functionality of the app as well as the data consumption.

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