Fin de Voyage

We spent several hours this morning, our last day in Paris, repacking suitcases. Figuring out what wouldn’t go through security that had to be packed in a checked bag, and seeing whether I could still close my bag up!

We left the hotel to do a few last things. We walked over to rue Scribe to buy tickets for the Roissy Bus to CDG later today, then to Laduree for one last macaron– Fleur de Sel and Chocolate. I won’t complain about the price. On the way to La Duree, we walked past the Intercontinental Hotel Paris, very near Opera Garnier. Parked out front was a white Lamborghini. Nothing particularly unusual about a Lambo in Paris, except this one had licence plates from Quatar.

The electric blue interior is a bit much for me.
The voiturier carefully parked the nose of the Lamborghini about 6″ from the rear of the Mercedes G-Wagon in front of it.



Our walk back to the hotel reminded me that the robbery in Place Vendôme I mentioned took place at Chopard. The crime scene tape was down, but the police were still there, the store windows bare for now.

This afternoon, we will move to an airport hotel.

We’ve been gone 18 days. I think this is the longest trip we’ve ever made, though not the most cities in one trip.

Once I have time to go through all the 700+ photos on my camera, I’ll post a final group on Flickr. I’ll update the blog when that takes place.

Thanks for your interest in following along. I will try to export/move the earlier days’ posts on Blogspot here to consolidate the trip.

We have some other travel partially planned for later this year. Hopefully those plans will come through!

One thought on “Fin de Voyage

  1. Great trip David. Thanks for sharing. Just so you know I retired from PB effective Tuesday so I am a ma of leisure now.


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