JATP Day 1, US to Paris to Munich

Photos will be posted on Flickr.

Day one is spent mostly transiting to and thru Paris, then on to Munich. Even though we’re on a ‘correspondence’, we have to go thru security again. Security makes me take out almost everything in my backpack (little in it isn’t electronic), so it took a while to get everything back in sort of the way it was.

CDG (Charles de Gaulle) airport was really busy this Monday morning when we arrived at the gate, though this photo was taken after a series of flights departed.

While waiting for our connection, my wife heard the siren call of the nearby Hermes boutiques. We counted at least three on the way to our terminal. No large (or small) orange bags accompanied her back to the gate today, but the Mothership awaits at the end of this trip.

I’ll visit the Paul patisserie nearby for a gourmandise (long chocolate and creme croissant, and une tranche (slice)de flan nature, as breakfast on the plane was pretty modest. Sorry, I ate the evidence, but here’s a link to a photo of a gourmandise.

Writing the blog on a slow,flaky airport WiFi connection on a cellphone is, um, a little challenging. Get what you pay for with free WiFi.

After waiting the expected layover time, the plane to Munich gets successively delayed, so that its at least an hour late leaving on the hour and a half flight from Paris. My suitcase (thankfully) rolls off the bag carrousel and we are on the way though the airport to buy Ubahn tickets into the city. It’s about an hour into the familiar Hauptbahnhof (main train station) from the airport. We arrived about 5pm CET; it has been a very long day.

After resting for a bit, we went to the Hbf to find something to eat.

Bratwurst MIT Semmel (roll) und Senf (mustard). Oh, yeah. We also had another gourmandise. It was warm.

There is a display in the station and model of what will be a complete rebuild of the train station. The artist renderings and models are a dramatic change from the current station, which we remember being remodeled. But this looks to be a complete replacement and include removing some adjoining buildings. The station has 350,000 visitors/travelers per day, so its a busy place. I can only imagine that keeping it functioning at capacity during construction would be difficult. We’ll have to find out more info.

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