JATP Day 2 Munich

Photos will be posted on Flickr

We walked down Bahnhofstasse to Stachus (underground shopping center), then up to the Marienplatz to go to the Frauenkirche. The exterior was under renovation when we were here last (and is still) under renovation, but the interior of the onion domed church is huge and quietly elegant with the large number of stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings.

We walked into the interior courtyard of the Rathaus, somewhere I can’t believe we’ve not visited before. Definitely a different perspective on the Rathaus. Lovely balconies,a winding staircase and gargoyles to scare off the evil spirits.

We scared off the cold by having a cafe mit (with)schlag (whipped cream), while looking across at the Rathaus.

We added ein paar Weisswurst (delicate white sausages) with süß senf (sweet mustard) and some goulash soup. Later, we stopped in for some Apfelstrudel.

Just around the corner is the Viktualienmarkt, though I don’t think we’ll sit outside in the biergarten with ein Mass today.

We stopped in to browse at Alois Dallmayar, a luxury purveyor of prepared foods, bakery, patisserie, coffee, tea, meats-anything you could want to eat, they have (or will deliver), for a price.

We went next door to a store that was closed last time we were here, Manufactum. Walking in, the products on the shelves made it look like a (luxury) garden and hardware store, but they sold clothing, paper goods, lighting. At the front of the store was a cafe. Bit of an odd mixture, but interesting to browse.

Bettenrid is a store that sells bedding, and we’ve gone for many years to buy European sized down pillows. We bought some and are having them shipped back. You can even bring in your down pillows to have them washed and refilled.

This time of year, there aren’t nearly as many tourists like us, so the Marienplatz, which is often packed with people during the summer, is mostly just locals, except for the Japanese tour group with guide, holding up her little flag. Nothing changes.

We were going to have some gluhwein, a warmed wine mixture that’s popular in the winter, but it seems it’s too late in the season for that, though we will probably buy some toasted chestnuts; we saw a number of stands selling them along the Marienplatz.

A Doner Kebab

I read a bit more about the project to expand the Munich train station. The primary rationale being that its current traffic far exceeds capacity (with an S-Bahn train passing through the one tunnel every two minutes at rush hour). Here’s the link to the project website, with more info and videos. A second tunnel is being drilled to provide more capacity, safety, and alternate routes (in the event of an incident on the current line).
Project site

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