Jaunt across the Pond (JATP)

Photos will be posted on Flickr.

We’re about to start a ‘jaunt across the pond’ to Munich, Prague (I’ve never been), Berchtesgaden, Luzern, and Paris. Altogether, about three weeks.

Trying to travel light seems a consistent challenge. I’ve limited myself to a rollaboard type suitcase (roll-on/roll-off the plane) and a backpack, which is mostly photographic gear. As limited as it seemed when I packed, it will feel really heavy by the time we return.

My version of ‘light’: no laptop, one tablet, two cellphones, Canon S100, Sony a6000 plus two lenses and a Canon wide angle lens and adapter to fit the Sony, travel plug adapters, rechargeable batteries, powerstrip (don’t laugh, its great), travel router, multi-port usb wall charger (consolidates the number of things to be recharged being plugged into one device), Bose noise cancelling earbuds, a Fiio DAC, and the usual array of power adapters and cables for all the gear. You pack it, you have to lug it around for the duration (on and off planes, trains, walking miles a day, up and down stairs in the subway systems).

Apparently, my suitcase is not light enough and is going in ‘baggage class’; ticket agent made me check it (grr), but at least it’s checked through to our destination, since we have a layover along the way.

I’ve never seen an international terminal in a major city so empty.

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