My little travel router came in handy yesterday , as the hotel limits you to three logins per room. Problem solved! Most hotels have a limited number of device connections for your wifi (3 devices). I understand why, but three is way too few for me (us).I have a HooToo TripMate Wireless N Portable Travel Router with 6000mAh Battery Charger that is a combination router and battery. It works both wired or wirelessly.

We got upgraded to a junior suite our last night in Milan, which was a nice treat, though even being a Gold member didn’t get us free access to the lounge. We decided that it was worth it to buy (shudder the thought) access, since we don’t leave until later tomorrow.

Even though the TV in our room has an HDMI port right on the front connection panel, conspicuously at the front of the TV with all of the other inputs, neither the menu system on the TV or remote will get you access to the external ports. No Chromecast for me. We’ll have to watch Plex on the iPad. But Hotels–WHY do you have these inputs on your TVs (which you’ve obvioysly gone to some trouble to make available) without giving your users the ability to actually use them??

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