Pushing the limits or not?

On the way back to my home city on a Southwest Airlines flight, I decided to pay for Wi-Fi so I could:(no order after the first item)

  • Entertain myself. I’m bored.
  • See how capable their Wi-Fi is. It only cost $8 for the flight.
  • See if they had restrictions on the type of protocol in use. Surprisingly, Plex wasn’t restricted.
  • I ran Plex and streamed a TV show fine. I stopped the play for something else, then went back and the app crashed, though I don’t know if its the app or the connection.
  • Started an ftp session to my Synology server to upload some podcasts I wanted to archive. They aren’t very big files (mp3), being 40-45 meg apiece. Based on the transfer rate, it’s indicating get about 30 minutes per file. So not great, but usable in a pinch. (~28 KBs/sec). Doing more than one at a time is an exercise in futility though, as the connection drops, so maybe I’m overloading have the connection. More an effort to see what I can and cannot do.

Obviously, if I’m posting this mid flight, blogging isn’t restricted, but it’s really just text and browser based.

I couldn’t simultaneously ftp and run a Plex video, but steaming music over Plex at the same time did work! A little buffering once in a while, but not bad. The connection is probably fine for basic email and Web, but beyond that, don’t get your hopes up. I couldn’t ever get a file completely transferred without the ftp session dropping. Connection is just too slow for this.

Maybe SW didn’t expect this kind of use, LOL.

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