Airline WiFi

For the first time I can remember, I’m getting some (10 meg) free Wi-Fi on the plane (transatlantic) , but even 500meg is only $1.00. Now 10 Meg is good for just (a little) email, maybe, but not uploading files or streaming media. The connection is a bit flaky, maybe due to the number of people.

No photos, as there’s nothing interesting here except a bunch of people jammed together. Boeing 777.

I find that 10 Meg is extremely limited, and have to open successive incognito pages and use different email addresses to continue without paying.

I received a message from my cell phone carrier about being out of the area they give free data. I’m sure there aren’t any of their cell towers in the Atlantic! So, into airplane mode and all is good, except for constantly opening incognito browser Windows.

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