Comfy Couchettes

Posting this from the train as we leave Munich.

So, here we are on our cozy schlafwagon Liegewagon , with the ultra comfy tolerable couchettes. Hopefully you understood my sarcasm. Couchettes are not comfortable; they are a place to lay down instead of sit up all night. For those of you who don’t know what a couchette may be, here’s a photo from one of our prior (2012) trips.

We’ve been informed that the train will decouple /separate in Verano at 2 am, then sit there for 5 hours before continuing on to Milano.

At least I will know what to expect, as in the past, when we were sidelined for an unknown period, it was unsettling. I was kind of asleep-you know where you’re not totally unconscious, but aware the train isn’t moving (generally not a good thing). In your stupor, you don’t really know how long you’ve been idle, and that worries you, but there isn’t anything you can do.

Once before when this happened (and was not supposed to), we missed our flight. We arrived in the Frankfurt train station as our flight was leaving Frankfurt airport. We’re not leaving to return home tomorrow anyway.

Milano, here we come, I hope.

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