Auf Wiedersehen Munchen

It’s Whit Monday in Germany. All the stores are closed – they take their holidays seriously, and not just another reason for a sale. Fortunately, most all the restaurants and cafes are open.

Many churches are having services. As we do some sightseeing today, it’s apparent that there are many people attending the services.

The Viktualienmarkt is open, sort of. The biergarten is open, but everything else here is closed for the holiday. So there is something to do!

The day you leave a city in the evening is sometimes a bit of a conundrum in terms of logistics. You have too much time until you leave on the next train to just sit and wait, and you can’t stay in your hotel room until it’s time to leave, because it would be too far after any extended check out. We got a 4pm check out, but our train doesn’t leave until 9pm. We stored our luggage at the hotel and explored the hotel across the street as a future potential place to stay. It’s a bit pricey on a cash basis, but maybe we can earn enough hotel points for a free night.

Sitting in a cafe in the train station using their free WiFi is our temporary solution , though you can appreciate, it lacks something in charm. And, since there is no electric plug nearby, I’m charging my phone with an external battery. The stream of people thru the station is an ever changing people watching opportunity, both inside and outside the cafe. Three hours to go…..

Kind of the same thing in reverse in Milan. We’ll arrive in the rail station in the morning, but since it is too early to check into the hotel at the airport (which is another train ride), and I don’t relish sitting at the hotel all day waiting for our plane the next morning. So our solution is to put our suitcases into lockers at the train station and spend part of the day in the city, then reclaim them and head out to the airport.

Some (most) hotels have a limited number of device connections for your wifi. Most seem to be 3. 3 devices, really? I have three devices and my wife has two. Next time I encounter this, I’ll dig out my wireless travel router! I have a HooToo TripMate Wireless N Portable Travel Router with 6000mAh Battery Charger that is a combination router and battery. It works both wired or wirelessly. I brought it along to use with my Chromecast, but have found that I’m either too tired or can’t get to the TV’s hdmi port (if it has an open one)to use the Chromecast . So the Chromecast goes into the ‘why did I bring this?’ bucket. Another piece of gear that may go in this bucket, through no fault of the gear or how it works, is the Kingston Wi-Drive 32 GB USB 2.0 Pocket-sized Portable Storage WID/32GBZKingston WI Drive. I loaded this up with some TV shows. It works great and has apps for Android and IOS. It functions as an extension to your device’s internal storage. It works very well, I just didn’t have time to use it.

Mentally, I don’t want to go, but I know it’s time to move on….

Photos are limited for today, but check Flickr.

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