Return to Munich

We left way too early for the train station, as from the door of zum Turken to the airport was 30 minutes. There wasn’t a lot else to do on a rainy Sunday morning,though. We did walk up the road to see the site of the Berghof before we left. The bus from the airport to Salzburg Hbf took 10 minutes. So we have almost 3 hours to kill in the train station before we leave for Munich. Met an American at the bus stop at Salzburg airport. He was travelling alone, but was on an 8 week tour of Europe, having just come from Turkey. He still had five weeks to go. What a trip! I’d think it would be hard to travel that long on your own.

In the Salzburg Hbf, there’s a nice selection of shops and a few places to sit in the below ground section of the train station. I managed to leave more than a few euros in the book store. Take me to a train station and what do I buy? Computer magazines, in German. Computer magazines in physical form have nearly disappeared in the US. They mostly either went to digital, or disappeared. There are still a few on the retail shelves at a bookstore (if you can find a bookstore).

Typical for trains, ours arrives 4 minutes before it’s scheduled to leave. You snooze, you miss the train! Do make sure you get on the car going to (or through ) your destination city. 2 hour ride between Salzburg and Munich. Train tickets have mostly gone digital, like airline tickets. You print them yourself once you buy them online, or use the rail’s app. Unlike the airlines though, you also have to present the credit card with which you bought the ticket. The conductor scans the ticket and swipes your credit card (though you don’t get charged again) with their handheld terminal . Buy the tickets online; you’ll save a ton!

We took a Railjet train from Salzburg to Munich. Wifi on board, though it seemed unreliable. The train was pretty full though.

This is our last night in Munich on this trip before we leave on an overnight sleeper for Milan. We walked over to the train station for a Donner Kebab for dinner, then down the Marienplatz as far as the Neues Rathaus.

It might have been interesting to be part of the experience (but not the crowd) , but we missed out on the fan gathering FC Bayern had at the Neues Rathaus. They were expecting 15,000+! We saw the remnants of this crowd coming back towards the Hbf as we approached the Neues Rathaus. We wanted to see the glockenspiel come alive at 9pm. The 9pm movement is minor compared to the 11pm.

We did notice an interesting group about to leave the square. Looked like one of the familiar bachelor parties (‘Junggesellenabschied’) Groom to be is wearing pink shorts, flippers, and a white cowboy hat. Junggesellenabschied deconstruction :’Junggesellen’=Bachelor. ‘abschied’=farewell. Love those compound nouns!

Another example, and here; we’ve seen many over the years! Different countries have different traditions!

Photos at Flickr

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