Ritorno a Milano

Back in Milano Centrale, we survived our couchettes, LOL.

Centrale is a pretty station, obviously built in a different era. The ornate beauty has been obscured a bit by all of the advertising and digital boards you see in all train stations now.

One nice change here in Centrale since last year, is the requirement to have a ticket to get out to the trains. This cuts down on the inventive souls who would offer to help you with your baggage, then demand to be paid.

I’m still surprised by the suitcases some people ‘carry’. There was someone on our train who had a suitcase so big, I’d swear you could fit a person in it. Someone sitting next to us in a cafe in Central has a suitcase so thick, there’s no way it will fit under a seat or on an overhead rack. Glad it’s not mine to lug!

Centrale has no lockers as other train stations we’ve been through. You have to check your bag. €6 for 5 hours. Better than carrying it around though.

In Piazza Duomo, they’ve taken down the big green apple clock and are readying for a concert.

Outside the Galleria and inside it. The vendors selling selfie sticks are everywhere. They were even standing behind the couple having wedding pictures taken inside the Galleria. They wouldn’t be here if people weren’t buying them, but No (for the millionth time) I don’t want a selfie stick!

On our way back to the HWT, we pass a Bentley with Florida license plates. I guess if you can buy a Bentley, you want to travel in the comfort of your own Bentley.

The Milanese love their pizza. So do we. (Spontini’s-recommended!)

Followed by a Gelato chaser! I’m going to pay for this diet when I’m back home.

Back down in the Metro, we’re ready to get back to Centrale to retrieve our suitcases and head to the hotel.

Track 3 (Malpensa Airport) or Track 5 (Luzern). What a choice to have to make, and not the one I want.

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