I’m trying a little different approach for today’s blogpost, using Adobe Spark “Page” to create something like a slideshow.

I had some difficulties with getting it published due to the poor internet at this hotel, which also resulted in slow resolution of the photos when viewing the slideshow. The feedback is that the page loads but not the graphics (photos) which isn’t great if that’s what the tool is built to showcase. Support ticket opened.

We spent the day visiting some of our favorite places and shopping and just enjoying being in such a beautiful place, because it too is one of our favorites.

Tomorrow we change hotels. The Drei Könige could not confirm our initial request for three days, so we made another reservation for one night elsewhere. When we checked in here, they said three nights, we could not cancel the other reservation without losing all the points so we’re moving in Tuesday! Hopefully we’ll have plenty of time to enjoy Luzern before moving on to Lauterbrunnen.

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