Packin’ It In

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Today is our last partial day in Paris. We leave tomorrow, but will move to a hotel near the airport so we don’t have to contend with early morning transportation issues. We bought our tickets for the RoissyBus as, once before the ticket machine at the bus stop did not work when we were ready to leave, meaning we had to search for an ATM.

A few “faire de courses” (errands) before final packing and saying “au revoir“.

Organ grinder. Place d’l Opera
Chocolate fountains
Lindt has chocolate fountains; one dark chocolate, one milk chocolate

Of course, they sell chocolate bars too…(we bought a few).

It has been a memorable trip and we take with us the memories and experiences of 17 days of travel +2 air travel days) to six cities (Munich, Berchtesgaden, Zurich, Luzern, Lauterbrunnen, Paris) and four countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France).

But its not Au Revoir, it’s A bientôt (see you soon). That’s a wrap to trip number 33.

P.S. The RoissyBus will get you to the airport inexpensively (€12 each one way), but it’s like riding in a bucket of rocks.

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