Amsterdam, Deja Vu All Over Again

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We noticed the baker across from our hotel and decided it was too good looking to pass up the chance for some local pastries for breakfast. (Brood = bread Bakker = baker; German : brot English: bread)

In France, but certainly in Paris, virtually every neighborhood has a boulangerie (bakery). This is where you buy (daily) fresh baked goods, not from a grocery store. I haven’t noticed as much of that here as we’ve walked through the city.

We’re changing hotels for one day (our last day in Amsterdam on this trip) and walked about a mile to the next one. It’s deja vu all over again, since we first stayed at this small place near the Vondelpark in 1983.

After resting up for a bit, we headed off in search of fresh stroopwaffels. We found a street market on Albert Cuyp. There are stalls in both directions of this street selling everything from fresh seafood to hard goods to flowers and clothes. Our first stop was at the stand selling freshly made profiteroles, which we topped with Nutella.

The second stop was at the Original Stroopwaffels where we ordered a “Superstroopwaffel“. The stroopwaffel dough is freshly cooked on a press and then topped with your choice of toppings, or just as God intended, plain.

Albert Cuyp is really busy, so after finding the two places we planned on visiting, we decided to walk to the Bloemenmarkt (flower market) which is a series of floating platforms on a canal. We’ve been here before, but today it’s a constant stream of people.

Rather than fight the crowd, we relaxed at a sidewalk cafe to enjoy the real Heineken experience.

They sell more than flowers and bulbs in the Bloemenmarkt.

Dinner time wasn’t far away and we decided to go to a Dutch pancake house we’ve tried before. Not the best we have had, but pretty good. It’s a small place, so there tends to be a wait.

Camebert with ham and raspberries Dutch pancake

Afterwards, we continued walking on our way back to the hotel.

Herring seems to be a popular treat, with herring stands in several places.

It’s rush hour

Nope, not actually our hotel.

We did manage a brief stop at the Apple Store.🙂

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the third week of this trip and we’ll be leaving Amsterdam for our final stop.

Amsterdam is a beautiful, colorful and unique city. There’s a lot to see and though we’ve visited multiple times, will need to return again to explore not only Amsterdam, but the surrounding cities.

We walked more today than any day on our trip, logging 6.4 miles, 12,280 steps and my feet feel it.

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