Airports and Going to HEL

Airports aren’t the most pleasant part of traveling, but sometimes you’ll see something that makes you smile, like this K-9 patrol.

This ferocious guy, along with his pal, a large poodle wearing a beret, were on duty today. I feel safer already.

It’s a three airport day today.

We Ubered to the airport to take advantage of an American Express promotion of $15 off, so the ride to the airport cost $0.49.

Late afternoon departure, then overnight to a waypoint in Frankfurt, Germany, where we have few hours layover and change airlines for a final flight to our first destination.

Yes, our first destination is HEL (airport code for Helsinki).

One thought on “Airports and Going to HEL

  1. Love the pictures of your furry friends! Hope you have a great trip to HEL! Looking forward to the pics of your trip. Safe travels!


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