Day 2 – Hong Kong

More photos on Flickr

Another mostly clear day, with a little bit of a haze hanging over the harbor in this early Saturday morning.

On the way back to the hotel last night, we walked along several busy streets and I noticed along several of them there were storefront doctor’s offices with little waiting rooms. We passed by small groups of market stalls selling fresh seafood. Not rue Cler.

As we walked to dinner Friday evening, it was rush hour and people were taking the double decker busses (not the red Grandmaster type you see in London) or the little 16 passenger mini busses. Traffic isn’t congested, but we’ve seen a number of Teslas, a few Ferraris and one Rolls Royce. The real “traffic” is on the MTR underground system. In addition to people commuting , there’s a large tunnel system that connects to a number of shopping malls in buildings above ground and stores underground.

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