Room with a View and S:ta Clara kyrka and Donken Deals

There are more photos on Flickr and still some others on Instagram (search for dbender54).

It’s always a bit of a pain to change hotels, but we do this periodically when we’re traveling on points, as we often do. Today was one of those days. Fortunately, the second hotel wasn’t very far away and we got a top floor corner room. Nice view, too.

Tomorrow we get to change hotels again, but for a different reason. We’ll be relocating to a hotel at the airport, tomorrow evening, for our return the next day. 😮

S:ta Clara kyrka ( Saint Clare church) originally built on this site in the 1280’s, was torn down and reconstructed in 1527. There’s a courtyard around the church (kyrka) with a lot of trees and some other buildings whose purpose wasn’t evident, but they’re definitely part of the church compound.

S:ta Clara kyrka Stockholm

We passed by the main post office, built in 1903. Huge building of reddish stone with some ornate decoration.

We walked down Vasagatan, a large shady street with some cafés (and a McDonald’s, Burger King, 7-Eleven, but no Starbucks 😯) and a lot of office buildings, down to a small park (fountain below). Not nearly like Amsterdam (where there is a greater than 1:1 ratio of bikes to people), but there are a lot of cyclists here. 

Rent a bike. Need some sort of swipe card to unlock a bike.

Stopped in at a two level Espresso House.

They probably give Starbucks serious competition.

At a fast food restaurant (Max Hamburgare), they have automated ordering.

Max Hamburgare

“Donken Deals” at McDonald’s? Don’t know about that, but for comparative purposes, Big Mac + Fries (no drink) is $8.08. The Big Mac index has been around for a while and reflects the relative purchasing power by pricing a commodity familiar to lots of us. Purely comparative price shopping, folks, no SEKs exchanged. If you use Google’s translator app   “Donken” translates from Swedish to English as “McDonald’s”. 

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