It’s cooler today. It rained some this morning before we got out, but so far, no further rain.

Walking around the Regent Street area, a High street. We find that as we’re older, it takes more of a bargain to induce us to schlep something around for a couple of weeks. We browsed through Liberty of London, an iconic department store.

We’re not supporting the British economy with shopping, just not much that either of us need. But for the few things we did buy, we made sure to get the VAT back where possible.

The British pound seems a relatively good price at $1.46 / £ . We’ll see what happens after the Brexit vote. David Cameron was out stomping for “stay” along with the new mayor or London, while the prior longtime mayor, Boris Johnson, is in the “leave” club. It’s very difficult to have an idea of how this election will go, but the polls seem generally about split on the topic, depending on which poll you believe on which day.

Interesting sign, but London is a city where it seems everyone (including me) is tapping or talking on their mobile. Now both Android and Apple Pay are accepted in Britain, but you can’t use your US Starbucks card in the UK.


Off now to Ned’s Noodle Bar, a favorite of ours near the London Eye and the Thames.
Eating inside though, it’s cool and windy.
Banana fritters are yummo!

The Eye is not yet lit up for the evening.

There’s major redevelopment starting across from Waterloo Station, just around the corner, where they tore down a multi-story building across from The Slug and Lettuce restaurant.

.After dinner, back down into the Underground and reloading the Oysters, again.

More photos on Flickr.

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