Charlotte to Dublin

We’re awaiting departure, having walked from the arrival gate (45 minutes late arriving), directly to the departure gate for boarding. No time for the airport lounge. The seating (business class over, but grunt class back) is very comfortable and is supposed to be lay flat sleeping.

In addition to the in-flight entertainment service (who knows what it is), I have two movies and two seasons of two different TV shows synced to my iPad and some other media on external flash drives I’ve connected to my cell phone via a USB C OnTheGo cable. So plenty to watch and maybe even sleep.

……. Sleep was a relative measure of consciousness, but after moving the seat to lay-flat position , managed to get some sleep.

We have an early arrival in Dublin (6:30am). It’s 45F in Dublin. A nice change from Texas.

Our cell phone provider sends us a ‘Welcome
to country‘ whenever we cross borders. Confusingly, my wife’s message was Welcome to Canada. I could have sworn we were on a flight to Ireland! (Mine was correct).


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