Paris Day 2 1/2

The sky is bright blue today, not a cloud in the sky, as we head to the Metro, taking line 8, direction Marie d’Issy from l’Opéra, changing at Concorde, then taking line 12 to Sèvres – Babylone.

le Metro–I’m sure it’s much like riding the subway in New York. During a work day, there are a lot of people transiting the underground tunnels, up and down the stairs. There are multiple cellphone apps to allow you to navigate from where you are to the stop near your destination, including where to change lines if necessary. I previously used an app that started development under the Nokia S series ; it then proceeded to other platforms including Android, but doesn’t seem to have continued development past the Alpha stage (though it worked fine), and was never in the Google Play Store (so you had to side load it). Now I use the RATP app. The navigation environment is so much better than years ago when you either had to resort to pocket sized paper maps of the system and figure out for yourself how to get there, or stare at the larger maps in the station. Google Maps doesn’t do you any good underground.


We’re doing a little shopping, but time will tell whether it is leche la vitrine (window shopping), or results in une achat (purchase).

A little public art.

Not far down from us is le eglise St. Sulpice. we’ve been here before and I am always struck by its enormity. A number of Delacroix’s murals are located here and are undergoing conservation



The neighborhood where St. Sulpice is located is magnitudes of sound quieter than the 1st arrondissement. I’ve actually noticed for the first time people walking around the streets with noise cancelling headphones. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see this on the Metro, though.

Near St. Sulpice was a small pen shop. I was able to resist the urge to fill the gap (the first pen in the series no less) with the Hemingway that I do not have. It’s reasonably priced for what it is, but at 2500€, just more than I was prepared to part with.

The art of chocolate

We found ourselves near Poilane, a famous boulanger, located on rue Cherche- Midi. We escaped with minor damage to the waistlines.

Le Bon Marche has an annex called Le Grand Epiceries. It’s an enormous epicurean food store, with departments for bread, cheese, meat, vegetables, wine, ready to eat, etc. A bit of an overdose of selection.

The Mothership calls, but not before we browse thru the location on the rue du Sèvres. Only one little (OK, it was a large bag) orange bag left the Mothership. Late in the day, there were a bakers’ dozen taxis queued up a block long waiting for fares across the street. The voituriers have their hands full trying to keep one lane of traffic open.

Photos in Flickr.

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