Luzern Day 1 and Snow

Hard to tell from the photo, but this morning our view out of the window in Luzern showed steady snow.

Look closely at the photo and you may see a couple of people sitting outside, enjoying their morning café.

On arrival late yesterday, there was a very fine drizzle. I suspect the line between rain and snow will waiver as the temperature changes. It’s 33 degrees now. Last night it was 4 degrees C (about 37). Up in the mountains where we sometimes visit, it’s 24 degrees and snowing (but much higher elevation).

We stopped at COOP, a Swiss Grocery chain, for some candy (good for the diet), and they’re clearly getting ready for Easter (Ostern)


“Bio” is big, but pricey. 6 bio eggs for 5.80 Chf (about 1 Chf/USD).

Crossing over one of the old wooden bridges Spreuerbrücke) to the old town.

The river is predictably high with the snow melt.

In the tradition of buying something I don’t need, I bought another Swiss Army pocket knife. From the same place I’ve been buying them for, let’s just say, a long time.

But not this one (it is one knife). It won’t fit in my pocket.

At 1pm, it’s still snowing.

Being drawn toward the next stop on HWT, we walk past the Matthauskirche. Parked nearby is an interesting vehicle.

Actual size LOL.

The magnetic pull of the HWT is drawing us towards the store facing Lac Luzern. Not a large store, but they have an upstairs as well. Only one other customer today. Mostly an exploratory visit, sometimes often, the assistants are not as well informed as SWMBO
We’re now in search of something warm to drink and head over to the Hbf, along the lake.

The snow and clouds make the mountains around the lake invisible. The swans are still on guard for anyone willing to feed them.

We found a few minutes’ refuge in the World Cafe (and WiFi) in the KKL, next to the Hbf.

By 4 PM the temperature had risen just enough (3C) for the snow to turn into a very light drizzle. Though it snowed all day, it did not accumulate on the streets.

Time to visit the Geldautomat, buy dinner and return to the hotel.

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