Amsterdam Day 3

A lot of walking today. We stopped along the Amstel canal to see the ‘skinny bridge’. It’s a draw bridge, but one that’s one lane wide. It’s a bright blue sky day in the low 70’s and it seems lots of the people who have boats are out on the canals, as the Amstel canal is a constant flow of small boats, including one that was a Heineken boat!.

We had lunch nearby at Wagamama, someplace at which we’ve eaten in London. I think our food experience was better here.

Then to see if we can find the tram that will get us close to Pieter Cornelisz Hoofstraat (PC Hoofstraat), a street with many high end shops, located near the Rijksmuesum and Vondelpark. On the way, we managed to find the Apple store. I swear, it was coincidence. At the corner of PCH is a Tesla store (I’ve seen two Tesla taxis here).

The street itself is all torn up, which probably impacts the merchants, but there’s still plenty of foot traffic. And we complete one more stop on the HWT (Hermes World Tour), though coming away empty-handed once again (wrong color). I wonder how they stay in business. Every store seems to be out of everything you ask about.

We walked over to the Vondelpark , which is Amsterdam’s central park. Being a lovely. Saturday, it’s full of people relaxing in the sun, having a picnic, barbecuing, cycling or, like us, relaxing under a large shady umbrella on the terrace with a Heineken. A gentle breeze keeps it very pleasant.

The area of town where we ate dinner was much quieter than the streets off the Dam. Dutch Pancakes for dinner (Pancakes Amsterdam) and hot Apple pie with whipped cream (Metropolitan Deli, down from the Dam, but worth the walk). Believe me, we walked it off today. 5.13 miles.

Obviously, all the photos on Flickr at the moment come from my phone, as the ‘camera’ photos will have to wait until we return before I can upload them.

Photos on Flickr

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