Amsterdam Day 2

Take free Wi-Fi where you can get it, especially if the hotel Wi-Fi isn’t working, but McDonald’s does. In looking at the signs in Dutch,and knowing some of both German and French, there are some word cognates that seem easy translations to English, but a lot that doesn’t. This made me wonder about the origins of the Dutch language. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article I found interesting, that validates the connection I found between Dutch, German and English.

  • Groot(Dutch) = Grosse(German) = Great, or Large (English).
  • Straat (Dutch) = Strasse(German) =Street (English)
  • Huisregels (Dutch) = Hausregeln (German) = House Rules (English). Note the use of compound words in both Dutch and German, but not English.Nevertheless, I’m trying to download the offline Google Dutch translation package(160meg).

    We’re off today to go to the Rijksmuseum. I had previously downloaded their multimedia app. (versions for Android and iPhone).

    The Rijksmuesum is a beautiful building and the archway at its left side is a gateway to the Vondelpark (central city park); cyclists whizz thru the passageway pretty fast. We bought our tickets to the museum and began to explore the first floor. They have the floors exhibits organized by period (years). The crown jewel of the museum are its Rembrandt works, and he deserves an entire room dedicated to some of his larger works, on the second floor. One of the largest, but definitely the best known here is the Nightwatch . It’s not all art though. There are displays of royalty from various periods in Dutch history, and some history around the Dutch participation in the battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was defeated by the combined English/Prussian/Dutch forces in 1815. We probably spent three hours in the museum, but it could easily be an all day affair.

    Next stop is an early dinner, since we missed lunch. We decided to have a Rijsttafel at Sampurna near the Bloemenmarkt. The rijsttafel is a unique dining experience, if you’ve never tried it before.

    You’ll find a lot of Indonesian food here, thanks to the fact that Indonesia was part of the colonial empire of the Netherlands.

    Changing rooms in the hotel today to get an upgraded room with a view of a canal. (and wifi that works). Photos on Flickr .


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