Englischer Garten

Munich’s Englischer Garten is enormous, and on a bright sunny Saturday, we have a lot of company! Partly cloudy, 70 degrees. On the way out to the park, on the Marienplatz (pedestrian shopping area), we passed by a couple of performing groups we’ve seen in the past- Mongolian music group and a South American Indian music group. We’ve seen both groups here for years.

City tours are common, but this is one we had not seen before – the beer wagon tour

It’s a pretty good hike up Maxmilianstrase from our hotel, down the Marienplatz, past Hermes (yes, we stopped, no, they didn’t have what we wanted) to eventually get to the park. Google Maps helps make sure you can find your way around in the park.

Near the entrance we took into the park, there is a small swift flowing stream. There are surfers there, riding their way back and forth over the waves, until they wipe out. They’ve attracted a good crowd on both banks.

We decide to head out to the Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower) I’ve already logged 3.3 miles walking to Chinesischer Turm.

No telling how many of the 7,000 seat capacity is filled today, but it’s pretty busy. We’re seated under the pagoda, where the Bavarian band is playing, enjoying ein Maß (1 liter) and a large (warm) soft pretzel. Do beer and pretzels count as a food group? They also actually serve food here. You pay a deposit when you get your Maß, so be sure to get your refund!

The park has many shaded walks and wide open fields, where people are sun bathing, picnicking, playing Frisbee, football, or relaxing under a shady tree.

There are other bier Gartens in the Englischer Garten, including the Seehouse

We took Tram #18 back from the Englischer Garten. It would otherwise have been a long walk after a couple of helpings of the food group, and easier on the feet. Checkout MetrO for navigating many US and European cities transit systems. Apple version in the app store

The gelato at Amorino, near Stachus , looks good. It’s the same chain we found in Marseilles last year.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we leave for Vienna (Wein).

More photos at Flickr .

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