Munich Day 2

We had Blunch today,  as we (me) got up too late. We found some goodies in the Hbf and headed off on the (Hermes) World Tour (HWT). Hermes is located on  Maximilianstraße,  a street of ultimate luxury stores.

No luck (or lots of luck,  depending on your perspective) at Hermes,  but lots of beautiful shop windows I can afford to look at. There’s a white Lamborghini parked across the street from the elegant Hotel Vierjahreszeiten (Four Seasons).

There is an occasional light drizzle going on,  but that didn’t stop this minstrel of the street corner.

We wandered thru Dallmayr,  purveyor of gourmet foods. So many delicacies, including their custom ‘kaffee und tee’ dispensed from the large ceramic canisters. Even if you don’t buy,  a wonderful place to browse.

Kaffee und Kuchen at Richarts near Neues Rathause. It’s Friday,  and by the crowds in the Marienplatz you’d think Munich wasn’t at work today.

The Geldautomat is a wonderful device.  Put a piece of plastic in,  and out comes money! And,  no exchanging Travelers checks,  shopping exchange rates.

Apple store in Munich is 2 stories of crowded goodness. Prices are somewhat higher than US.
IPad Air2 128 gig €689 $785 US)
15″ MacBook Pro from €2,249 ($2,563 US) vs $1,999 US or +28% to US prices.  Downstairs is iPad,  iMac ,  MacBook,  iphone; upstairs is Genius Bar. Free WiFi! Just as crowded as the US stores.

The Viktualienmarkt is a wonderful place to stroll and see all of the different shopkeepers selling fruits and vegetables, both domestic and foreign, cheeses, honey, meat, wild fowl, wine, olives, flowers. All in the context of a biergarten whose tables are shaded by massive chestnut trees. The 700th anniversary of the Viktualienmarkt is May 22nd.

We had to rest our feet for a while.  I’m not accustomed to this much walking every day. So we walked back to the hotel,  knowing we’d come back to the Hofbrau Haus,  later.  Though it is still early (about 9:30pm), the Hofbrau Haus was definitely really busy (as it always has been when here), and we decided to sit outside in the courtyard,  since when you came into the building,  you could instantly feel how much warmer (and louder) it was from all of the people. Finding a table,  or part of one,  is a challenge. Come with the expectation it’ll be loud. Enjoy!

I have been tracking my walking distances via my Fitbit and have averaged 13,400 steps per day and 4.75 miles a day. At home,  I’d be lucky to average 10% of that per day,  so my feet are telling me about the change in pace.

More photos at Flickr

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