Mobile Data Usage and Plex

One thing I’ve found since starting up my Plex project is that my monthly mobile data usage has skyrocketed. Now, I have a 4G ‘phablet’ type phone, so I probably chew up more than the typical smartphone user anyway.

One month, I used 46 gig of cellular data (not Wi-Fi), and probably 85% of that was from streaming Plex content.

This month, in the first two weeks of my billing cycle, it looks like I’m on track to beat that.. I’ve used almost 38 gig, and Plex accounts for 33 gig of that. I’m really just streaming music, so I’m surprised it’s soaking up so much data.

Prior to Plex, I might have used 4-6 gig mobile data in a month, so streaming Plex is clearly driving the usage way up. I’ll have to try Spotify and see if it’s as hungry as Plex seems to be.

How much mobile data do you use per month? Mobile data usage is continuing to increase as we add bigger screened phones (and tablets with cellular data), with faster connections. It seems hard to find real information on average usage, but the rate of growth in usage seems destined for continued explosive growth.

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