Edinburgh to London

Trip 42

Days 7-8

May 4, 2023

We enjoyed our visit to Edinburgh and didn’t get do all of the things we’d hoped. One thing we did get, we didn’t want, was a cold. The last 4 or so days has been like having a water faucet in your head. Now it’s less of that.

The Waverley train station is about a mile away and it takes us a good 35-40 minutes walking; there’s a handy feature in Maps that says “avoid steps”. We’re in old Edinburgh and the station is in the valley between new & old. The fastest route would take us down steps, with rolling suitcases, that’s not fun. Our train is at 10:30am and we’re in the station by 9:30.

We have reserved seats in coach A and it’s not at all crowded. The train leaves on time and for a good while, travels along the coastline.

It’s a 4 hour trip with only a few stops. Along the route, we see large fields of rapeseed, used in the production of canons oil, LOTS of sheep and a yellow flowering plant that seems abundant along and as hedges called Gorse.

Field of rapeseed

Mid-afternoon arrival at Kings Cross Station and then transit to our hotel. We don’t have much planned for the rest of the day, but plenty for the remainder of our time in London!

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