Who Dunnit?

Trip 41

January 24, 2023

A little bit of a late start out today. Exhausted after going to the Ceremony of the Keys again (starts at 9:30pm) last night and exploring along the river bank afterwards. The nearby tube station, Tower Hill, was closed for our return trip. The nearest one was Monument, which was quite a ways away and it was cold. Once we got to Monument, we walked about six blocks through the underground connecting tunnels to the Bank street station. At least we were out of the wind and cold. So, we slept in this morning.

Little night time jaunt through London

Our first stop today is the rooftop terrace at the Royal Opera House, at Covent Garden. This was already on the plans for the week, though not necessarily for today, but it was not far away from our second stop (see further below), so it made sense to do this today. There is a shop for the ROH and cafe on the ground floor and up one flight of stairs is an escalator to take you up to the rooftop terrace that runs around two sides of the building, overlooking Covent Garden.

View from ROH looking out to London Eye, Covent Garden in the foreground

We didn’t have a lot of time so we did go thru Covent Garden itself, but we’ve visited it many times. We have tickets for the 3pm matinée of Mousetrap, Agatha Christie’s long running (70+ year) play at the St. Martin’s theatre and the world’s longest running play.

Leaving Covent Gardens, it was only about a 7 minute walk to the theatre , passing by so many small shops we didn’t really have the time to browse. We emerged from our walk just across the street from the theatre and could see there was already a line awaiting entry, so we made it right on time! The line moved quickly and we found our seats on the ground floor. We’ve never been to a play in the West End, so I had no prior experience with the size of the interior.

Having seen photos of large Broadway play audiences, I was surprised by the small intimacy of the theatre, but it makes sense because the small stage (someone once said “All the world’s a stage”) is perfect for the cast of eight to play out the mystery and be heard by the audience. The play started promptly at 3pm. Unfortunately, (for you) no photos inside during the play.

St Martins theater

The cast was great and of course, no spoilers (read or go to the play), to see “Who Dunnit” but it was well done and appreciated by the audience. The play lasted about two hours and by 5pm, it’s already getting dark.

St Martins theatre West End

Walking through the West End really let’s you appreciate how many theaters there are in a relatively small area, along with pubs and restaurants. We walked to Cambridge Circus, then up Charing Cross Road to the Tottenham Underground. Lots of people on the streets and on the Tube, but once on the Central line, not too long a ride back to the Marble Arch.

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