Mürren to Allmendhubel

Trip 39, day 10

We planned to go up one side of the valley to Piz Gloria (featured in one of the James Bond 007 movies) , but on investigating the cost at the funicular station in Lauterbrunnen, it was going to be over $200, so we shortened our trip a bit to go to Allmendhubel instead. To travel to Allmendhubel from Lauterbrunnen , the most direct route is to take the funicular up to Grutschalp, then the train across to Mürren, then take another funicular up to Allmendhubel. The original cable car from Lauterbrunnen up to Grutschalp was replaced several years ago, but this is the first time we’ve taken it since it was replaced with a funicular.

Starting from the valley (lower right in Lauterbrunnen), up to Grutschalp, train across to Mürren, funicular from Mürren to Allmendhubel

The funicular up to Grutschalp is pretty steep, but has some spectacular views of the valley as you ascend. Departing the funicular in Grutschalp, you board the Mürren BLM (no, not that one; Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen, Mürren) train to Mürren with one stop along the way. The Mürren Bahnhof (elevation 5450’) is undergoing major reconstruction since the last time we were here.

Exiting the Bahnhof, we walked along enjoying the views (video) across the valley. Parasailing was already underway.

Parasailing the valley

Though the weather forecast today suggested it would rain, there are only the high clouds surrounding some of the mountaintops. Mürren, like Wengen (elevation 4180’) on the other side of the valley, is primarily a ski resort venue, but there are so many hotels and rentals available. We’re really tempted to make our next longer term visit in the area to stay up here instead of staying in the valley; maybe a bit of both! We made a note of a few for the future.

The view

I’m speculating that maybe the platform in front of me is for base jumping. No Rocky the Flying Squirrel suit for me though. Mürren is pretty quiet. All the hotels and restaurants are open, but the peak summer crowds are past.

There’s a sign pointing in the direction for the funicular to Allmendhubel.

Entrance to the Allmendhubel funicular

It’s another steep climb up (video). At the higher elevation (elevation 6257’), the views are worth every bit of the travel. Video Webcam.

Views from Allmendhubel

A cafe that is part of the funicular station is where we had lunch.

Cafe at Allmendhubel

In the distance behind me, I can see other ski lifts and a cogwheel train track that seems to lead up still higher into the mountains, though I never saw a train operating. Along one side of the trails there is a sign pointing to a pension. You’d really have to be determined to come all this way to stay here, but obviously they do.

Unlike the funicular from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp, there’s only one train that makes its way up and down, so you have to wait a bit longer for the return; we decided it was time to head back down to Mürren. We walked a different route though Mürren on our way back to the Hbf and stopped to go through the small village church.

Mürren Kirchegemeinde

It’s late afternoon, about 4pm and the clouds have started to descend lower into the valley, making us think that there might be some rain after all. By the time we started down from Mürren to Lauterbrunnen, we began to get some rain. When we exited the funicular station in Lauterbrunnen, it was hardly raining, but we stepped next door to a cafe for some coffee before heading back to our hotel.

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