The Last Day

Trip 38, Day 16

It’s finally come. The last full day before we leave to return home. We’ve had a great time, doing/going many of the places we’d planned and some we weren’t able to, due to time constraints. Though we’d thought about some day trips outside of Paris, there’s so much to see, we just didn’t get around to those.

We have been trying a few different hotels these last few trips other than our mainstay, as we’ve been a little disappointed in some of the experiences there, but after this second one for the first part of this week, our planned last night at our mainstay seems a welcome return. We checked out of the hotel where we’d stayed for five days and walked about a quarter of a mile straight down the same street. We had hoped to check in a bit early and were given the choice of an earlier check in and upgraded room or waiting longer to get a suite, as the current guest had late checkout and it would be at least 4pm; we chose the latter.

They accommodated us with a complimentary cocktail in the lounge and then, since we still have to have a Covid test less than 24 hours before reentry into the US, found a quiet corner at the back of the hotel to try the proctored video eMed Covid test. It was a little awkward since they have to see both you and the test materials at the same time. Scan the test kit QR code, the test card QR code, your identification and watch while you put the swab up your nose. Tilting the phone camera while doing all of this is…awkward. Then once the process is complete, you wait online for 15 minutes for the test result and a technician to come back on to explain it to you. We’ll spare you the photos of “up your nose”.

I’ll admit that though we didn’t believe we had any symptoms, with this, you just can’t know until you test, and a positive test result would have really complicated things. Fortunately, we both had negative results. The results came in our email and are also in the NAVICA app.

So…we still had a while to wait on the room. We decided we needed another trip to Laduree and some macarons, which would carry over to the Tuileries.

Did you know there’s a mustard store near La Madeleine?!

On our way over there, we stopped at Lalique on rue Royale to assess what we couldn’t buy. The temp got up to about 70°F, but felt hotter in the full sun, so we were grateful to find a shady place to sit and enjoy our treats. Right at the entry to the gardens are tombs of some of the patriots (some soldiers, some firefighters ) who died defending Paris when it was being liberated in WWII and they’d been decorated with flowers.

Shaded allees of Tuileries

Up the stairs and to the right are rows of poplar trees cut into symmetrical box shapes and, on this sunny day, a nice shady spot. Not far off to the right is an overlook to the main entrance to the gardens from Place de La Concorde and in the distance, Eiffel Tower.

Sculptures and a cafe along side a water pond

We walked down the shaded side of the central walkway to the main parterre d’eau (pond) to see whether or not the fellow who rents little sailboats to children and those who want to be children, can sail them. He wasn’t there today, but maybe he’ll be there for the weekend or in peak tourist season.

Looking back towards the Carousel du Louvre and Louvre

Off to the left and further back is another water pond and lots of blooming blue iris. But there’s a feature in the park we’ve seen at times before. A couple of goats have all the grass they can eat.

Permanent employees

So now it’s time to say adieu and a bientôt to Paris and the Tuileries. Our room is ready and we have to do one one of our favorite things, seeing if everything will go back in the same suitcase it came over in, 17 days ago. It’s a nice ending to this trip to find that the room we waited for is a really nice suite with a view of the courtyard in the center of the building.

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