Walking Southbank

WWII sculpture and the heroes of Britain

We got a late start out sightseeing, even though (or because) our hotel room was ready. We were both pretty tired from not sleeping on the flight so we took a nap.

Our hotel room is on the top floor of the building and has a balcony overlooking a small (private) park.

Mid afternoon, we ventured out to get something to eat and because it was a bit late, just walk along the Thames near the Southbank. School is out for midterms and it was pretty busy with young children and parents along the Southbank. Before walking down to the Southbank, we walked iver the Jubilee bridge.

Jubilee Bridge over the Thames

Quite a long queue for the London Eye (we’ve ridden several times) and for some of the river cruises. We saw an Uber boat! Uber is into every type of transportation.

There was a carousel and some street performers, because they know they’ll have big audiences with these crowds. These guys limbo and juggle for a living.

They don’t always just juggle things, but people too.

We walked down the bank to the bridge near Parliament and Big Ben (under renovation, hence the scaffolding) before taking the Tube at Westminster back to our hotel. Unlike this morning at 8am on a Monday (when the Tube was surprisingly very lightly traveled), this evening, it’s much busier.

Although we brought the multiple Oyster cards we’ve accumulated over the years, we may just check their balances and use a credit card to tap to pay instead. When they were new , it was a novel concept to “tap to pay”, but now, most major credit cards are going tap to pay. As long as you “tap in” and “tap out” using the same card, you can travel within the central zones and max out the daily limit without paying for every single journey. I found an Oyster card a couple of years ago and spent the day traveling on someone else’s dime.

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