The Journey So Far

The Story So FarFor a lot of people, life gets centered around work and family. For me the work part is mostly finished. My immediate family is my wife and son. Mid August marks our 41st wedding anniversary. Our son and his wife live in the general area we do, so we’re able to visit with them . The third part of our lives and “the journey ” over these 41 years has been travel.

We made our first international trip two years after getting married and during the period through our son graduating high school, went about every 2-3 years. Our son’s first trip to Europe was when he was 20 months old, when we left with a suitcase full of diapers and drove our new BMW from Germany to Switzerland and back across France. We were young, brave and had many (mostly good) memories of traveling with a toddler. The last trip we made was to London / Glasgow / Edinburgh in September of 2019. That trip marked our 36th international trip in 38 years.

The centerpiece photo in this post is atop the Männlichen, above the ski resort of Wengen, Switzerland, high up in the Swiss Alps. This is the view of the Alps from the “Royal Walk” at the peak of the Männlichen and one of our favorite places to visit. The inset photo of us is taken in Luzern, Switzerland.

Travel has been interrupted this year and time will tell for how much longer, but the journeys aren’t over…. So many miles and points to burn!

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