Paris Day 2

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Jeanne d’Arc statue

More photos on Flickr and
Instagram and YouTube

The Christian Dior exhibition is on display at the Museum of Decorative Arts. We walked over to the museum expecting a long line and were greeted by a line that looked at least an hour long.

We’d only been in line for a few minutes when an Asian couple who’d already been through the exhibit came up and offered us their tickets! Why us when there were hundreds of people in line? We don’t know.

My wife went down to the ticket office to verify that the tickets were valid. They examined them and said Yes. We bypassed a huge line!

It’s an expansive exhibition over three floors, covering the origins of Christian Dior the man and the design house and all of the designers who’ve been associated with the design house since the beginning. Rooms and rooms of the designs, photography. Of special note were the two rooms where the ceilings were covered in handmade laser cut paper flowers. In the room with roses as part of the decorations, the 16 rose petals in each rose are laser cut then hand assembled.

Salvador Dali inspired designs.

Paper roses

Video of this room.

On the way to Galleries Lafayette, we happened upon an Apple store I had not visited before, so you know what came of that!

I priced a few things for comparison:

iPad Pro


  • 256 gig WiFi only 1,009€ ($1,193 equivalent) $899 in US.
  • 256 WiFi+Cellular 1,169€ ($1,382 equivalent) $1,029 in US

MacBook Pro

  • 15″ w/touch bar Core i7 2.2ghz, 16 gig Ram, 256 gig SSD 2,249€ ($2,659 equivalent) $1999 in US
  • 2.8ghz, 16 gig Ram, 256 SSD 2,799€ ($3,309 equivalent) $2,399 in US
  • 512 SSD 3,299€ ($3,900)

After a brief stop at the hotel, we ventured over to Galleries Lafayette on Ave. Haussmann. An enormous store, the luxury brands all have their departments on the ground floor, but the other 6 floors are filled with women’s clothing, house goods, etc. The store has been open since 1893. The adjoining building has men’s goods, but we only visited the one building this afternoon, as it was getting late (open until 8:30pm).

We were doing a bit of pre-shopping for small stuff as it’s easier to do so in one place.

Ceiling of Galleries Lafayette

When we emerged from the store, it was lightly raining. We didn’t bring our umbrellas! It’s not far back to the hotel, but we’re also hoping to still find a fast food store open so we can get something for dinner. Luckily, we were the last ones into the shop before it closed and even got a few things free (because they’re going to throw out what they do not sell). They raised the roll door up to let us out.

I imagine we looked more than a bit damp when we walked thru the entrance to our hotel.

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