D Day

Centurion Lounge

Departure day. Don’t feel especially well prepared for the trip having arrived from Salt Lake City 2 days ago. Just enough time to repack.

Long journey begins. Flight to our gateway city of Los Angeles, then a long layover until this evening when we board our 15 1/2 hour flight. Fortunately, we’re traveling in business class, so what would likely be a pretty uncomfortable journey might be OK if we can sleep.

No impressive photos today, just airport lounges and planes.

Our destination will be updated when we arrive.
On the way out to Los Angeles, we enjoyed some in flight free Wi-Fi thanks to T-Mobile and GoGo. Though I doubt they intended it, I was able to connect to my Plex server and stream music. 😄 And of course, update the blog in air. I was also able to test connecting via FTP to my server. Explore the limits a little, if slowly (I wasn’t able to run a speed test, so it had to be slow).

The International terminal at LAX is a good walk from our gate, but we’re going to enjoy relaxing at one of the airline lounges during our layover. A chance to recharge (literally) and get something to eat. Unlike most airlines’ lounges, those serving international flights usually have real food. The OneWorld lounge is the biggest lounge I’ve ever visited; this is just a small section.

I’ve got 20+ hours of TV shows synced to my iPad for the long flight.

Shopping and duty free area outside lounge with clock tower. And there is an Hermès boutique.

Waiting at the gate, it seemed as though a bus load of flight attendants arrived. Must have been ~20 (no kidding). Big plane or I’ll have a personal flight attendant 😉 .

Business Class

So, where will we end up??


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