à bientôt Paris

Sadly, we have to leave today to return to the US. We’ve really enjoyed this trip having explored some places again and others that we’d only barely touched before. 18 days, but just four countries and as many cities. Even in those cities and villages we’ve visited many times, we discovered new things.

US–>Dublin–>London–>Geneva–>Lauterbrunnen –>Paris–>US

The house Bentley was busy

It was quick getting to the airport early this morning, but we spent an hour in passport control and are advised to leave an hour in advance of the flight to go security.

The Star Alliance lounge at CDG is crowded, with tables a bit scarce. Not much matter, as we don’t really have much time before we do have to go thru security.

Security was actually the easiest part, going very quickly, whereas the line for Passport control seemed interminable.

Going back to the US, we’re in “baggage class”- United’s coach at 9 seats across, and it’s full. United has the worst boarding process we’ve seen, so slooow.

And their debarking process in Washington Dulles is even worse. They dump multiple planes loads of international arriving passengers into one looong hall that feeds into the customs and immigration area. Fortunately, once in the Immigration area, we have Global Entry and zoom through re-entry. Dulles has very mediocre passenger amenities.

More photos on Flickr More photos will be posted to Flickr once I get thru all that I’ve shot.

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