Sweet Molly Malone


Chester Beatty Library
The Chester Beatty library is the private library collection of copper and coal magnate Chester Beatty, who was a prolific collector of rare books, prints, furniture, statuary. His private collection is housed in a three story building on the grounds of Dublin Castle. Though born an American , he was made Ireland’s first honorary citizen for his contribution to the arts by establishing his library here.

On exhibit now are Arts of the Book Sacred Traditions, which includes books and prints of many religions- (no particular order implied)
Zen Buddhism

On special exhibit was a 15th century beautifully illustrated Qur’an, but the collection includes Egyptian papyrus texts, European medieval and Renaissance manuscripts. The Qur’an had been unbound from its cover to enable conservation, but will be rebound in a year.

He began collecting during the 1920’s and continued until his death in 1968. His collection was so large, he had his own librarian and scholars who researched pieces he was offered or in which he was interested. His collection is unlikely to be replicated in this day, certainly not with both the quality and quantity of his “library”.

My ignorance of Islam was evident when reading about the Ka’aba, believed to have become black after absorbing mankind’s sins.

Then on to Grafton Street for some shopping (one of those worldly sins) , while passing St. Andrews Church and the statue of Molly Malone, rather incongruously placed, in front of the church.

"The tart with the cart"?

The “goods handling” is showing. Interestingly, we saw women touching as well. Good luck? Wishful thinking?

We’re off to London tomorrow on an early flight. Enjoyed our too brief visit to Dublin, with a number of things still on the list to see here in the city, and even more in the countryside, for the next visit.

Go dtí an chéad uair eile , Éire

More photos on Flickr. Ireland 2011 album.

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