The Vikings are Coming!


I didn’t think this looked like a longboat, but maybe they’ve modernized. They still have helmets with horns on them, right? But you could get caught in a traffic jam or at a stop light on the way to pillage and plunder.

Duck Tours are present in London too.

We ate dinner from (not at) Leo Burdock’s, just around the corner from Christ Church Cathedral. Fish (cod) and chips.



Our dining room, like that of others we saw, was in the park around the church.

The cathedral was founded probably sometime after 1028 when King Sitric Silkenbeard, the Hiberno-Norse king of Dublin made a pilgrimage to Rome

Christ Church Cathedral, founded ~1030
History of Christ Church Cathedral

Previously, we walked through the grounds of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The cathedral itself was closed to visitors due to ongoing church services.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin

St. Patrick's - Memorials

Legend has it that St.Patrick baptized new converts from a well on the grounds. The location of the legendary well seems uncertain.The church itself was founded in 1192.

St. Patrick was a fifth century missionary with a fascinating story, even before he started his mission of converting the Irish pagans to Christianity.

And no, he didn’t drive the snakes out of Ireland. There weren’t any snakes in post glacial Ireland. Nice legend though.

More photos on Flickr.

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