How to bork your e-Book library

Everything was working fine with Calibre, for a while. Then there was an program update, and everything went wrong. First, I was unable to connect to the program thru the Calibre Companion, an app that allows you to browse the library from your phone or tablet. Eventually, I noticed that the program reported it was using the internal loop back address of the computer (, when before, it used the actual router assigned (but fixed) internal network addresses. This meant nothing on the internal network was being routed to the program. I could still reach the program and library over the Internet, just not over the LAN! Stopping and starting the program or its server component didn’t fix this. So I rebooted the computer. Nope.

Then, the program reported it couldn’t find the library. Oops. It suggested a restore. Why not? Didn’t work… Files are still there, but they don’t seem usable. Fortunately, I copied (not moved) files into the library, so I still have my originals (and I have a backup of those).

Start a new library… A little bit later, same problem. Checking the forums, it appears Calibre doesn’t suggest using network drives. Really?! Guess they live in a non network world. They suggest external USB drives if not the internal drive. Nope. Not attaching an external drive almost as big as the Mini. My Mini is the server version, with two hard drives, so I’ll start a new (third time the charm?) library on the internal hard drive.

But, the network address issue remains a problem. So, I’m going to nuke the upgrade install and go back to the original version I used. Hopefully I can point the program to the 3rd version of the library and continue to rebuild it . Hope this isn’t all (completely) wasted time. But it is fair to say I have my doubts…

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