Post Trip Review -Photography

2015-07-24 – Post Trip Review

Now that I’ve gone thru the approximately 1,400 photos from the most recent trip to Amsterdam, London and Paris, there were a few takeaways.

  • After the last trip, I decided that I would keep a shot journal to make it easier to find the photos that I wanted to make into an HDR (using brackets) or panoramas (by stitching them together). But what I didn’t do, was to change the setting in both cameras to start the image numbering over. I made a note of the photo number in the camera display, but these did not correspond to the file image number. It turned out to be easier to do this than in the past, maybe because I didn’t wait so long to sort through the photos. However, lesson learned.
  • I had considered buying an IR remote for my Sony A6000, but didn’t do so before I left. Though I didn’t use my Gorilla tripod as much as I thought I might, the IR would have come in handy for those where i did. I ordered one today. Seems like an inexpensive option to add to my kit.

    I also (belatedly) figured out why I couldn’t use my USB to go cable and my USB card reader and the SD card from my Sony (San Disk SDXC), attaching it to my Note3 phone or Nexus 7 tablet to ftp the photos back to my server to back them up. The SD card in the A6000 is a 64 gig card and is formatted in exFat. My Android devices won’t recognize an exFat card. I had no problem doing this with the SD card from my Canon S100, because it is a 32 gig card formatted in FAT32, which was easily recognized by my tablet and phone. So I was able to ftp the photos back to my server from that card, as well as those stored internally on my phone. I used FTP Cafe on my phone to transfer hundreds of photos, just not those on the 64gig card. It seems that unless you are using a rooted device (my Note3 is not), that there’s not a solution for this I could find. I had an app called Nexus Media Importer, but it too would not recognize the exFat formatted SD card. I had no means to reformat the card after I left and the camera apparently formats the card internally as exFat.

    It does appear that IOS (under at least version 8) supports this formatting, but at the time, I didn’t have the iPad SD card reader. I need to do a little more investigation on this point before I buy the card reader. I have Transmit on my iPad Air2, so if the OS supports the card file format, I should hopefully be able to use this method to back up my photos, without carrying a laptop.
    Any suggestions regarding this are welcome.

    I didn’t end up using my fixed focus 50mm Canon lens at all. Partly because I wasn’t often in a setting that made it useful or necessary, but also because to use it, I have to detach the adapter from my Canon 10-22mm lens where it usually stays. Maybe not a lot, but dead weight I didn’t need.

    I filtered the ~1400 photos I took down to the approximate 300 that are on Flickr.

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