Post Trip Chaos

I’m getting closer to being complete when filtering through my photos from the most recent trip. I took over 1,000 , but in reviewing them, there are (fortunately for the viewer) a number that aren’t worth much .

  • Hey, they looked OK when I took them, how did that one get out of focus?
  • It didn’t look that dark when I took the photo.
  • How’d I get that person’s arm in the picture?
  • I don’t remember seeing my finger in the viewfinder!
  • Why did I take that picture?

I found a lot of photos that will never make it into Flickr or into a photo book. In the end, probably 20% of the photos I took will end up being in either place.

And the next little project as far as the photos are concerned, is to backup the photos my wife took onto her computer and the server.

Even though we had been to all of the cities we visited on this trip in previous trips, there always seems to be different perspectives on some of the same sites, or places we had not visited previously. I try not to put up photos of the same thing, in the same city, unless it is a good or interesting perspective.

I also tried something this trip that I had not before, which is taking some bracketed photos, but now after returning two weeks later, it’s hard to remember which ones were intended to be post processed (HDR). For the next trip, I need to keep a log of any “special” shots with the frame number so I can find them. I don’t know now for sure if one HDR photo I processed was actually intended to be that way, or just turned out well, but using Photomatrix was extremely simple. In another case, I wanted to take a sequence of photos and turn it into the equivalent of a film strip. This wasn’t nearly as straightforward as I had expected, but found a YouTube video on one method of accomplishing this using Photoshop Elements. My first effort wasn’t perfect, but it generally achieved the goal.

I bought Photomatrix some time ago, prior to my transition to a Mac, but (nice surprise) found that:

  • There were versions for both platforms.
  • The license covered having the application on either platform.

    I tried several HDR shots from one sequence of shots I took, but one shot didn’t turn out well as there was too much motion between the sequences. I’ll have to keep digging through the library for other shots I can try.

    Not exactly a photo issue, but when we visited Berchtesgaden and stayed at the zum Turken, they had a history of the hotel (fortunately in english as well). My wife took a series of photos of the pages, but I wanted to preserve the document in a more organized fashion, so I scanned the pages with my phone and Android app (Cam Scanner). When we returned, I processed it through PDF Pen Pro, to OCR the document. Then I exported it to MS Word. But the resulting document had a LOT of issues with being an acceptable replication and required a LOT of corrections. I still have to proof it (again) and I’m not sure that I can correct all of the formatting issues that came through, but it’s an interesting story and history of the hotel and the area. We met the fourth generation of the family, who now runs zum Turken.

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