Today is our last last day in Lauterbrunnen and early tomorrow, we’ll be taking the train through Interlaken to Basel to take the TGV on to Paris and the flooding Seine River. We’ll miss our little B&B. It’s been a hotel or B&B since 1890 and we’ve stayed here every time we’ve stayed in Lauterbrunnen.

We’re fortunate that it has refrained from any precipitation so far. On Sunday, there are a lot of people out riding mountain bikes and aside from restaurants, one of the few shops open is the sporting goods store where you can rent bikes.

Across from the Bahnhof is the Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen -Murren , back in operation today. Yesterday it wasn’t running (“technical problem” -translation, it’s broken). It operates the cable car lift from Lauterbrunnen up to Murren. We took this trip in 2012, then went a bit further up to Allmendhubel.


While walking through the village, we saw five paragliders off in the distance. There are a number of companies who organize this activity. I’m sure it’s awesome; I just don’t fancy jumping off the side of a mountain with a stretch of fabric to hold me up.

We took a hike out over the Weiss Lütschine river that runs thru Lauterbrunnen, past the Talmuseum (museum about the valley)
and on in the direction of the Trummelbach Falls (really worth the visit). We discovered another camping ground we didn’t know about, which seemed relatively full.

As I mentioned before, many of the homes have the date they were built as part of the decoration on the front of the house, and sometimes with the family name. During our walk, we saw one dated 1823, another 1800.

When the sidewalk ran out, we were rewarded with this view.

Then we detoured down a path along the river .
Eventually, this path led back towards town near the church and the camping ground on the edge of town.

Weiss Lütschine river

More photos on Flickr.

6 thoughts on “Lauterbrunnen

  1. What a beautiful place. Fyi-Suzanne and Julia jumped off the cliff in San Diego last month for a Para glider ride. They loved it.


    1. I’m sure it was quite an experience for them. Did the get a video of their jump? I once did the paragliding in Hawaii. They have ‘experiences’ that include someone (with experience) accompanying you as well.


    1. Thank you. The blog is as much for us as anyone else to remind us of the things we’ve done, seen, places we’ve been.
      A lot easier than the post cards we used to send out to friends and family (that arrived two weeks after we got back).


  2. Interlaken is on the itinerary for a vacation I’ve wanted to take for years. The southernmost part of the road I have mapped is at the Matterhorn.


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